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Previous Projects

03-16 > 10-17: London Mithraeum. Bloomberg HQ. Complex display of over 600 Roman finds in one showcase, design and develop branch mounting system and pyramid compositions. Permanent exhibition.

06-15 > 06-16: Rievaulx Abbey Museum. English Heritage. Redisplay of Museum including mounting of very large stone objects and small finds. Permanent exhibition.

05-14 > 06-14: Petrie Museum. Egyptian display of highlight objects, mounting and installation of x40 objects. Permanent exhibition.

03-14 >04-14: Riverside Museum. Transport and Travel Glasgow. Adventurers display, mounting and installation of various objects associated with Scottish journeys. Temporary exhibition.

10-13 > 12-13: Imperial War Museum. Secret War Galleries. Mounting and installation of over x700 objects, including mock up of x36 case displays of objects relating to spying. Mount and installation whilst gallery open to public. Permanent display.

06-13 > 07-13: Imperial War Museum. Horrible Histories. Display of war related objects, open and cased display. Temporary exhibition.

03-13 > 09-13: Museum of London. Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels. Mounting of a variety of jewellery and bespoke plinths. Temporary exhibition.

09-12 > 10-12: Museum of London. Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection men. Mounts for various bones, skulls and associated objects. Temporary exhibition.

09-11 > 11-11: Museum of London. Dickens. Mounts and installation. Temporary exhibition.

03-10 > 06-11: Riverside Transport Museum, Glasgow. Contracts awarded for main and special mount packages for new Museum building. Complex high density displays including large scale mounts for ship models, vehicle protection, mounting of boats, engines and supply of specialist display props. Permanent displays.

8-10 >11-10: Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Ayr. Permanent redisplay of collection for new Museum, x500 objects for a variety of artefacts associated with the poet. Paper items, book cradles, brass mounts, bespoke mannequins and suspended display of objects.

09-09 > 12-09: Museum of London. Medieval Galleries. Mounts for redisplay of permanent galleries.

11-07 > 08-08: The Royal Institution of Great Britain. Refurbishment Project. Complete redisplay, including mounts in cases, open display and large scale hanging structures for complex designs.

02-08 > 02-08: The Petrie Museum. Egyptian Redisplay UCL. Fabricate large and small scale mounts, install objects.

10-07 >11-07: The National Museum of Wales. Archaeology Redisplay. Mount and prop fabrication for new gallery.

05-07 >06-07: The Royal College of Surgeons. Cancer Surgery Display. Off site mount fabrication, installation. Permanent Exhibition.

04-07 >05-07: Worcester Museums. The Commandery. Mount construction and object installation. Permanent exhibition.

03-07 >04-07: The Welcome Trust. Medicine Man. Object installation of permanent gallery and some mount making.

09-06 >11-06: The British Library. Sacred. Display component manufacture. Object and mount installation. Temporary Exhibition.

09-05 >08-06: Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. New Century Redisplay. Large redisplay involving approximately x2000 objects. Manufacture of display frames, large object mounts and complex object rich cases. Arms and armour, natural history and Egyptian objects. Permanent Exhibition.

02-05 > 04-05: The Museum of London. Medieval Gallery. Mount making and installation. Permanent Gallery.


09-04 >11-04: The Museum of London. London Fashion. Mount and display component fabrication. Objects include: textiles, shoes, paper documents, mannequins, caption holders etc. Temp Exhibition.

08-03 >11-03: The Museum of London. 1920’s Exhibition. Mount fabrication and installation. Manufacture of supporting structures for audio visual and interactive equipment. Variety of objects from pottery, textiles, fans,books/ magazines etc. Temp Exhibition.

07-02 >01-03: The Horniman Museum. Music Gallery Redisplay. Mountmaking and installation for large compact groups of objects, mock up display systems and object arrangements. Variety of musical instruments. Full scale redisplay. Permanent Exhibition.

06-02 >10-02: The Museum of London. London before London, Early Galleries. Archaeological material. Mount and display component fabrication, design of generic mount system for similar objects. Full redisplay. Permanent exhibition.

lay component fabrication, design of generic mount system for similar objects. Full redisplay. Permanent exhibition.

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